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  • “He came down to earth from heaven
    – who is God and Lord of All”

    For many of us Christmas is a time of journeys. Millions travel to be with families and friends – even if we do find ourselves stuck in traffic jams and queues. Millions more find themselves separated from their loved ones because they’re unable to travel to be with them. Somehow the distance feels further at Christmas.  If you think about it journeys are never far from the news. Whether it’s striking train drivers, the ending of the free movement of people post Brexit, the cost of HS2 or the tragic movement of refugees across borders and oceans to try and find a better life.  All of this involves journeys.

    The Christmas story is about journeys too. A pregnant mother and her husband travelling to Bethlehem for a census. Shepherds travelling from a hillside to find the baby Jesus in a stable.  Wise men from the East travelling to find a newborn King.  Soldiers sent from Herod to find and kill Jesus. Joseph, Mary and Jesus fleeing as refugees to Egypt. There are lots of journeys in the Christmas story. But the greatest Christmas journey of all is the journey that God made to earth.  God left heaven to come to our world as a baby. God enters our dark world to bring us light, hope, peace and joy. In the words of the carol Once in Royal David’s City: He came down to earth from heaven – who is God and Lord of all.

    In Jesus, God journeys to be with us. The question is, how will you respond to this journey? Will you say there is no room for him in your busy life? Will you see him as a threat like Herod? Or will you welcome him like the Shepherds and the Wise Men? 

    Down the centuries countless millions have found that rather than having to go on some great epic journey to find God, God has actually come to them.  Maybe this Christmas you might discover this for yourself as well? Why not go on the short journey to St Pancras your parish church, and find out more about Jesus. Even if you’ve never been to church before you’d be most welcome at any of our services and you’ll meet others who have discovered for themselves that God has come to them.

    Happy Christmas

    Canon Mark Payne


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