What sort of a church are we?

We are an Anglican Church (Church of England)

This means that we are part of a worldwide family of churches that all follow the same basic pattern of organisation and worship. We are a part of the Diocese of Chichester.

We are Evangelical

This means that we believe that the Bible is God’s Word and that we submit to its teaching. We believe that there is only one way to get to know God through faith in Jesus Christ.

We want to share what Jesus means to us with other people

We have found that a personal faith in Jesus Christ transforms our lives, giving us security, hope and purpose. Many of us have experienced God’s power to heal. All this is good news, so of course we want to tell others about it!

To help other people find out about Jesus for themselves we run regular Alpha Courses. These ten week courses enable people to discover what it really means to be a Christian.

We are committed to reaching out, locally and globally

Each week we run a drop in on Wednesday mornings and many people pop into the church for a coffee and a chat.  There is a parent and toddler group that meets in the church hall during term time and have “Messy Church” at 4:00pm on the first Sunday each month.

Beyond Chichester we are committed to being involved in what God is doing worldwide.  We have a link church in Nairobi, Kenya (St Francis Karen) and we are involved in many overseas Christian organisations.

We aim to be loving

Our mission statement is; Seeking Jesus - Serving people - Making a Difference. We believe that, as followers of Jesus, we should care for people just as he did.

We are relaxed

Most of our services are quite informal.  We have a blend of traditional hymns and modern worship songs and most of the words are projected onto a screen so you don’t need to worry about books.

We think that worship is really important

We believe that worship is about the whole of our lives, not simply the songs that we sing in church. We hope that our musical worship and Biblical teaching helps people meet with God in a powerful way.

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