Weekly homegroups

Homegroups meet on various evenings of the week, and at various venues throughout the parish of St Pancras. These groups are led by mature believers and provide an opportunity to get to know some of the congregation much better than would otherwise be possible.

Although not everyone's schedule allows time for such meetings, we encourage all members of St Pancras to be part of a homegroup. These groups exist alongside other small groups, which may be meeting solely to study the bible, pray or seek fellowship together.

The concept of homegroups is more comprehensive. Homegroups differ from these other groups in that, while providing all the above benefits, they also seek to offer pastoral support. As such, in a growing church, where it's not always possible to know every member well, these groups become an extension of church. 

Inevitably, with the time restrictions of one evening a week (or fortnightly in some cases), it takes time to build good relationships. But commitment to a homegroup can be very rewarding.  It is often the place where Christians learn to pray, learn to care for others, and learn to appreciate how powerful God's written word is, when studied with a group of people you are learning to love and care for.

If you wish to be part of a homegroup please contact: curate@stpancraschichester.org.uk

Homegroup leaders resource page: click here


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