Retired from Zambia - Liz Bennett

Liz Bennett did work as a nurse in a hospital in Mukinge, a rural area of Zambia. She had many opportunities for Christian evangelism and teaching among the staff, running Bible studies and conferences for them.

Since she returned from Zambia Liz has been living in north Norfolk and working at Kelling Hospital. Due to cut backs at the hospital she has been praying and thinking about finding a new job.  She saw an advertisement for a Matron/Manager for a trust (Doughty's Hospital) in Norwich.  She applied, went for an interview and has been offered the job! She is delighted and is starting on 12th March 2012. The trust was founded in the 1700’s and has an Almshouse in the centre of Norwich, housing about fifty-six residents in flats and providing support if needed.


St Pancras Church, helping spread the Word

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