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Alpha Course
Is there more to life than this? An opportunity to explore the meaning of life.

Chichester Baptist Church
News and views from our friends at CBC.

Chichester Cathedral
News and information from the Cathedral

Chichester Diocese E-bulletin
Download the Chichester Leaflet

Chichester District Council
All the information you need from the town council.

Chichester Web
Comprehensive guide to Chichester and what's going on.

Christian Aid
Christian Aid is an agency of the churches in the UK and Ireland. They work wherever the need is greatest – irrespective of religion or race.

Christian Youth Enterprises
Changing lives through adventure - come and share the adventure

Church Edit
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Evangelical Alliance
Christians working together and uniting to change society.

Free-Bible Alive
Free Bible Alive resources for schools, churches and families by David H Rawlings

Immanuel Church
News and views from our friends at IC.

Life Centre
Confidential counselling services for male and female survivors of all types of sexual abuse...past or present.

They are a dynamic Christian organisation operating more than 130 aircraft in around 25 countries in the developing world. Flying across hostile environments, they reach the world’s most isolated people. They partner with over 1,000 organisations to bring physical and spiritual care to those who need it most

Make Poverty History
Call to action against poverty, worldwide.

New Wine
Equipping churches to see Jesus' Kingdom grow.

Premier Christian Radio
Inspiring, rejoicing, uplifting radio. Lot's of great worship music, ministry, teaching and preaching, as well as all the latest news and views from the UK and around the world.

Revelation Church
All the latest from our friends at Revs.

Spring Harvest
An inter-denominational Christian organisation seeking to 'equip the Church for action'.

St Olav Christian Bookshop Chichester
Support our local Christian Bookshop

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